Mobile Future

Let’s Talk: Connected Devices Infographic

Rising Tide of Web-Enabled Devices to Transform Virtually Every Aspect of our Lives 

(Washington, DC) – Today, our nation has more mobile devices than people.  If you think that means wireless penetration has reached saturation levels, think again.  Billions of everyday products—from city buses to dog collars, thermostats to clothes—are connecting to the wireless web.  To illustrate the trend, Mobile Future today released a new infographic – Let’s Talk Connected Devices  – visually highlighting the burgeoning ecosystem of everyday products that are tapping into powerful wireless networks to make our lives easier and to enable major strides in medicine, public safety, energy conservation and much more.

The tens of billions of connected devices set to hit the market in upcoming years represent great opportunity for a new wave of innovation, taking everyday items, connecting them to the Internet and making them infinitely more intelligent. As more devices “get smart,” the Internet of Things will ignite new ways of doing almost everything, from the rudimentary to the extraordinary.

Among the key data points in Mobile Future’s new infographic:

  • Today, there are 10 billion connected devices.
  • By 2020, data from connected devices will more than double all global Internet traffic in 2012.
  • Traffic from connected devices will grow 24 times in just five years.
  • Global connected device revenue is $200 billion now and could grow to $1.2 trillion in 2020.
  •  In the future, virtually everything we make will be able to connect to the Internet.

“From textbooks to medications to sunglasses, the Internet of Things is transforming millions of products into intelligent devices, much of it wirelessly,” explained Mobile Future Chair Jonathan Spalter. “This is a huge economic opportunity for American mobile innovation, and it’s impossible to overstate what this could mean to human progress in so many areas—from our health to our safety to how we engage with the world around us.  Wireless is essential to this revolution that will deliver countless benefits across virtually every sector of the U.S. economy. It’s critical that we prepare for the significant data growth on the horizon and maintain policies that spur continued competition, investment and innovation.”

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