Mobile Future

Mobile Future Comments on White House Strategy for American Innovation

Calls for light-touch regulatory approach to sustain role of wireless in innovation economy

(Washington, DC) – Today, Mobile Future submitted comments in response to the Administration’s effort to revise its Strategy for American Innovation. The comments highlight the defining role of wireless in the American innovation economy and calls for a continued light-touch regulatory approach to ensure sustained investment and growth in the wireless sector.

Mobile Future commends the White House for advancing a bold path forward for wireless innovation, underscoring the tremendous mobile data traffic growth and network evolution since the Administration first introduced the Strategy in 2009. Citing the incredible investment in wireless infrastructure – $33 billion just last year – and the growth of 4G connections, the comments emphasize the promise the future of the wireless ecosystem holds for consumers and the American economy as a whole.

Mobile Future also applauds the Administration’s commitment to its core mobile objectives, which include doubling the amount of spectrum available for commercial wireless services and expanding access to mobile broadband for all Americans. Pointing to the transformative role of mobile technology in virtually every aspect of our daily lives, Mobile Future urges the Administration to continue the regulatory restraint that has defined the nation’s mobile success story.

Additionally, to maintain the forward momentum, U.S. innovation policy should continue to keep network engineers, rather than policymakers, at the forefront of the complex and technical challenges of mobile network management. Mobile Future cautions that subjecting wireless broadband networks to rules that dictate how wired networks are designed and operated would be a mistake.

“Our nation’s wireless success story has advanced and, indeed, been propelled by a constructive, pro-innovation approach,” Mobile Future said in its response. “It has never been more important that the Administration continue to embrace its light-touch, multi-stakeholder approach. It has well-served the nation these past six years, and it continues to be the right path for American innovation, our nation’s more than 300 million mobile consumers and our collective mobile future.”