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Mobile Future Infographic: “EdTech + Mobile = Learning”

As students head back to school, the future of learning is mobile


(Washington, DC) – As 55 million U.S. children in grades K-12 head back to school, Mobile Future today debuted a new infographic—“EdTech + Mobile = Learning” —showcasing the tremendous promise wireless technologies offer both students and educators.

Tech pioneers are investing in wireless technologies that are transforming teaching and learning. With mobile devices and apps now front and center in the American consciousness, our nation’s community of learners has enthusiastically embraced mobile technologies as an on-ramp to untold educational opportunities and enhanced learning environments. To illuminate just how embedded mobile devices have become in our nation’s classrooms, here are some key points spotlighted in this latest “back-to-school” installment of Mobile Future’s infographic series:

  • 43% of all pre-K through 12th grade students use a smartphone.


  • 78% of Algebra 1 students using a tablet scored at least proficient vs. 59% of those using textbooks


  • 6 out of 10 teachers say mobile devices allow them to provide more personalized help to students.


  • 81% of teachers believe mobile devices enrich classroom education.


  • 73% of middle school and high school teachers use cellphones for classroom activities.


  • Educational apps are the second largest category in Apple’s App Store and the third largest in Android’s Google Play.


  • E-textbooks can save schools $250-$1,000 per student each year.


“Wireless technologies are offering students, along with their parents, caregivers and the teachers who instruct them, fresh, engaging and constantly evolving ways of learning about, and examining, the world around them,” said Mobile Future Chair Jonathan Spalter. “With continued investment and innovation in wireless, mobile will continue to transform American education and help ensure all of our young people have the tools they need to succeed in today’s and tomorrow’s wireless world.”


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