Mobile Future

Mobile Future Infographic: “The Game of Startup Life”

An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Title II Reclassification 

(Washington, DC) – With the Federal Communications Commission seriously considering reclassifying mobile broadband under Title II rules written for a long-forgotten era, Mobile Future released its latest infographic, “The Game of Startup Life: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Title II,” illustrating the onerous consequences heavy-handed regulation could have on budding mobile entrepreneurs.

The animated infographic is a play on the classic family board game, ‘The Game of Life,’ and shows the varied obstacles common carrier rules could impose on Internet innovators, including adding unnecessary uncertainty for potential new business models from increased FCC involvement as well as significantly higher legal expenses a startup may face in navigating complex rules if it were to be classified as common carrier under Title II.  The infographic makes the point that Title II rules could make a wireless entrepreneur’s already difficult and uncertain path to success that much harder.

“The unprecedented investment, competition and innovation in our nation’s wireless ecosystem is due in no small part to the light-touch regulatory approach that has wisely treated mobile broadband as the information service it is,” said Mobile Future Chair Jonathan Spalter. “Everyone supports an open Internet. But imposing outdated common carrier rules on the Internet will impact small and large companies alike and stymie the incredible progress that has defined our wireless success story thus far- and that’s no game.”