Mobile Future

Mobile Future Statement on FCC Vote on Incentive Auction Rules

WASHINGTON, D.C. – This week, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopted rules for procedures related to the upcoming incentive auction. 

The following statement should be attributed to Jonathan Spalter, chair of Mobile Future:

“With this week’s actions, the Commission is now closer to conducting the first-in-the-world incentive auction, which will promote the continued growth of America’s mobile ecosystem.  The foundation of the auction rules must be built on on maximizing participation on both sides of the auction to ensure as much spectrum as possible becomes available for mobile use.  Many details of the auction rules must still be resolved correctly to ensure its success, and while we are disappointed in the decisions to skew impaired spectrum to certain providers and the placement of incumbent broadcasters in the wireless bands, the Commission wisely rejected calls to expand the already unnecessary spectrum set-aside and modify the auction trigger rather than further reward certain national competitors looking to buy discounted spectrum at taxpayer expense.”