Mobile Future

Mobile Future Statement on FCC’s Open Internet Agenda

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The following statement regarding FCC Chairman Pai’s speech today should be attributed to Robert McDowell, Chief Public Policy Advisor of Mobile Future:

Mobile Future supports an open internet and believes that consumers should be able to access the internet content and services of their choice. But we don’t believe public utility regulation is the right way to protect consumers. We support a policy framework that ensures an open internet without discouraging innovation, hurting competition and slowing down job-generating investments.

Since 2007, more than $240 billion of private risk capital has been invested in American wireless broadband facilities. Unfortunately, the unprecedented 2015 FCC vote to regulate broadband as a public utility created tremendous uncertainty, including around the future of badly needed investments in America’s vital broadband infrastructure. These investments support good middle class U.S. jobs and provide the backbone for new technologies that have created a more efficient and entrepreneurial economy, while improving and saving lives. Experts estimate that over the next seven years, wireless broadband providers will need to invest $275 billion in next generation wireless technology, which could create up to three million jobs and boost annual GDP by $500 billion.

Chairman Pai and the FCC should continue their focus on creating positive, constructive and inclusive incentives for a win-win-win environment for consumers, edge providers and network operators alike. Ultimately, however, Congress should pass legislation that firmly enshrines open internet principles into law and ends the net neutrality regulatory ping pong at the FCC once and for all.