Mobile Future

Mobile Future Statement On FCC’s Proposed Open Internet Rules

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, the Federal Communications Commission proposed rules to address the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals’ remand of portions of the Commission’s 2010 Open Internet Order. 

The following statement should be attributed to Jonathan Spalter, Chairman of Mobile Future:

“U.S. wireless broadband providers have consistently supported an open Internet, leading to billions of dollars invested in broadband infrastructure, massive innovation and unprecedented economic opportunity.  They have done so because their business models require it and their consumers demand it.   Now is not the time to put the brakes on our nation’s accelerating broadband and wireless growth with intrusive new regulatory obligations on wireless broadband.

“As the FCC moves forward with this proceeding, we encourage the Commissioners to keep a trained eye on the importance of continued and prudent regulatory restraint. It would be a tremendous mistake for the Commission to reopen either of two key decisions that have been significant to driving our wireless revolution – the classification of broadband as a Title I service and treating wireless differently than wireline services under any Open Internet rules.   Creating measured, forward-looking policies that recognize the importance of broadband deployment and adoption as well as the distinct characteristics of wireless networks is critical to driving the nation’s economy, supporting a dynamic broadband ecosystem and ensuring a bright mobile future.”