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Release: Mobileys Finalists Announced- People’s Choice Voting Opens

National Mobile Innovation Competition Finalists Vie for Popular Vote and Judged Prizes

Today, Mobile Future announced The Mobileys “Sweet Sixteen,” the sixteen finalists in the national mobile innovation competition that challenges entrepreneurs to submit game-changing mobile apps, products, and services that create lasting social benefit. Each entry is being evaluated by an experienced judging panel and vying for the title of the People’s Choice, an award given to the finalist who garners the most online votes on The Mobileys website.

People’s Choice voting opens today and the winner stands to earn $2,500. This is in addition to the chance at winning one of the top three podium prizes, which come with checks for $10,000, $5,000, and $2,500. The People’s Choice voting closes on Monday, November 14, 2016 at 5pm ET.

Below are the sixteen Mobileys finalists:

  • CreditStacker, Washington, DC – a mobile game created by The Wealth Factory that teaches people how to manage and interpret credit reporting while avoiding risks associated with debt.
  • DugalDiabetes™, Bozeman, MT – a mobile app that utilizes machine learning and individualized real-time feedback to make insulin dosing for meals easier, faster, and more accurate, significantly improving blood glucose control and quality of life.
  • Fletch, Baltimore, MD–  a mobile app that empowers students to crowdsource help from peers or college staff, shares relevant on-campus resources directly to mobile devices, and colleges can take automated attendance.
  • GoKid, New York, NY – a mobile carpool solution for schools, teams, and active families, helping parents carpool with families they know and trust by managing schedules, sending reminders, and plotting the optimal route for each drive.
  • HERO, Austin, TX – a mobile platform that helps people who are impaired get home safely while helping the insurance and alcohol industries lower associated costs.
  • Lumen/Literacy Lab, Oakland, CA – a user-generated feedback loop that shapes educational content and information to help parents make screen-time learning time.
  • MarchQuest, Cincinnati, OH – an immersive role-playing fitness title that tracks and gamifies fitness by placing the player as the hero in a fantasy adventure while walking or running.
  • More 4 Monkey, New York, NY – a mobile game from Cognitive ToyBox that exercises a child’s number sense – a skill linked to math performance.
  • PhoneFlare, Kalamazoo, MI – a non-profit campus safety app that texts friends and family your GPS location when in danger and calls your school’s safety dispatch if on campus.
  • Proxi, Lyme, NH – a mobile platform that provides continual support to individuals with mental illness through the network of people who mean the most to the person in need, as well as a way to track progress, communicate securely with the healthcare team, and learn about mental illness.
  • psych.E, Chevy Chase, MD – a subscription-based model that empowers teens to take control of their own mental health care and wellness using visual and social media.
  • Q Wunder, El Segundo, CA – a mobile app that allows your child to learn game-changing life skills through customized content, a complete solution for social and emotional skills.
  • RapidSOS Haven, New York, NY – a mobile app that, with one tap, transmits the user’s type of emergency, precise location, and relevant medical and demographic information to the nearest dispatch center, while allowing loved ones to check-in, share real-time location, and call 9-1-1 on behalf of one another.
  • SmackCap™, Albuquerque, NM – a hit-detecting skullcap from Pressure Analysis Company that tracks every hit, every time, transmitting data to a mobile app showing where, how hard, and how many times an athlete was hit over the course of a game, season, or career.
  • StoryTime: READwithME, Longboat Key, FL – a platform that allows a parent to pick a book, see their child, read to their child, and turn the page on their child’s device without ever stepping foot in their bedroom.
  • Tixie, Philadelphia, PA – a mobile app that reduces painful, expensive workplace injuries by collecting data by mobile device, then using deep data analysis to predict and prevent future injuries.

“This year’s submissions to The Mobileys showcase the inspiring breadth of possibilities in our dynamic, wireless world,” said Mobile Future Chair Jonathan Spalter. “Men and women from across the country have channeled the power and promise of wireless technology to create a positive impact in their communities, breaking barriers and making change with an expansive range of innovative mobile solutions. Be sure to check out these mobile game-changers and cast your vote for the People’s Choice Award today.”