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Mobile Future Board Member Diane Smith Warns of Reclassification’s Potential Impact on Rural America

In an op-ed in Montana’s Flathead Beacon, Mobile Future Advisory Board Member Diane Smith warns of the negative impact broadband reclassification could have on job creation and economic recovery in rural areas, stating heavy-handed regulation would stifle progress and investment. Smith writes:

“As I began sharing all the ways that wireless communication has been important to my life in Montana, the group began talking excitedly about the newest locations that are now connected for cell phone service – communities like Troy, Glendive, Sidney, and the Swan.

This group of businessmen and women could identify locations (by the mile marker) that were newly lit up with wireless service. They had stories to tell about a call they’d made or completed that wouldn’t have happened a few years ago. They weren’t angry, they were enthused. They know how hard it is to provide access for some of these remote communities. And that’s really the point isn’t it? If there’s even the slightest possibility that imposing an outdated regulatory scheme on mobile infrastructures will slow down innovation and progress, then the risk to rural communities is just too great.”

You can read the full op-ed here.