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Mobile Future Cautions FCC on Changing the Legal Framework for Broadband Internet Service


August 12, 2010

Mobile Future Cautions FCC on Changing the Legal Framework for Broadband Internet Service

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Mobile Future filed comments today at the Federal Communications Commission outlining some of the unique engineering challenges for deploying wireless broadband. The comments also raised concerns about the uncertainty that could hamper investment, innovation and job creation in the communications sector if the FCC moves forward to reclassify broadband under antiquated, heavy-handed Title II regulations.

“The current regulatory approach has helped foster an American wireless marketplace that is competitive, healthy and perpetually evolving,” said Mobile Future Chairman Jonathan Spalter. “We strongly urge the Commission to embrace policies that encourage private sector investment and innovation in consumer-focused wireless broadband services, networks and applications. The FCC should encourage Congress to form a legislative solution to these issues rather than acting unilaterally.”

With broad agreement that wireless broadband networks face distinct technological challenges, the comments explore the potential harm from reclassifying broadband, particularly for wireless. They also explain why the Commission should take into account wireless’ technical differences that require a more flexible approach.

“As the Commission considers these issues, it must keep in mind the unique challenges facing wireless broadband, distinctions that justify appropriate regulatory treatment: wireless broadband networks are constrained by their reliance on limited spectrum resources; and the dynamic nature of the radio environment demands that wireless networks be actively managed,” the comments state. “Reclassification would ignore these unique characteristics of wireless, and would thwart innovation and investment in the wireless space.”

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