Mobile Future

Mobile Future Comments on FCC “Net Neutrality” Proceeding

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Federal Communications Commission today launched a proceeding that would extend so-called "net neutrality" regulations to wireless networks. Following is a comment from Mobile Future Chairman Jonathan Spalter.

"Since the inception of mobile phones, Congress and the FCC have fostered competition through a restrained approach to regulation which has led to significant investment and innovation in the wireless space.  This competitive marketplace allows for consumer choice which guides further wireless innovation, while carefully protecting consumers from abuses and ensuring providers are innovative stewards of the country’s spectrum assets.  These policies have proven to work well for America, creating millions of goods jobs, hundreds of billions of dollars in investment, and making our mobile industry the most competitive in the world.

"The FCC now needs to find a balanced path forward–one that keeps pace with consumers’ diverse mobile interests and facilitates further wireless innovation and investment.

"At this important juncture, policymakers must ensure that additional regulation of wireless services, devices and networks do not compromise one of the most promising drivers of economic growth, investment and jobs.   While our government is appropriately taking an in-depth look at the state of wireless today, it is critical that the outcomes of this greater scrutiny continue to foster a marketplace that is driven by consumer value, intense competition and the promise of economic renewal through innovation."