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Mobile Future Releases Infographic Illustrating Consequences of Exploding Mobile Data Growth

Graphic snapshot highlights need for additional spectrum 


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Mobile Future today released an infographic, “Mobile Data Growth and What it Means for You” that offers a visual snapshot of the sharply increasing mobile device usage by Americans and why government must move immediately to make more spectrum available both to meet consumer demand and to keep our economy competitive and growing.

With the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) estimating mobile data demand will exceed available spectrum capacity by 2013; the infographic visually narrates the evolution of mobile device utility. Just five years ago, consumers turned to their phones for basic communications – placing calls, checking email and sending texts. Today, those phones have morphed into a range of mobile devices that place the power of information in the palms of our hands. 

Consumers now expect blazing fast speeds to stream video, access audio, capture high-resolution photographs and download apps. The infographic charts the exploding and varied ways mobile devices are now being used to connect:

  • 792 mobile apps are downloaded each second.
  • 29 million mobile users streamed music in 2011.
  • Video content accounts for 52% of all mobile data traffic.
  • Facebook hosts 1627 mobile status updates per second.
  • Twitter boasts 13 million mobile users.
  • Instagram reported a 1,900% increase in the number of photos posted in a single year 

The infographic also captures how the surge in new and leading edge devices is congesting data traffic. Compared to basic mobile phones, smart phones use 35 times more data and tablets use 121 times more data. Given the ubiquity of connected devices and resultant staggering demand for spectrum, the infographic cautions that without additional spectrum, consumers will experience longer download times, higher costs, and increasingly congested networks.

“Spectrum availability is quickly approaching the tipping point of being unable to meet the growing demand of the 300 million U.S. mobile consumers,” said Jonathan Spalter, chairman of Mobile Future. “With rapidly growing adoption and increasing reliance on wireless services, products and devices it is critical for government to act swiftly and responsibly to free up more spectrum to fuel our mobile future.”

The Mobile Data Growth and What it Means for You infographic can be viewed here 

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