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Mobile Future Statement on FCC Announcement of Net Neutrality Order

Today, FCC Chairman Genachowski announced his intention to pursue a network neutrality order under a Title I framework.

The following statement should be attributed to Jonathan Spalter, chairman of the Mobile Future Coalition:

“We applaud Chairman Genachowski for supporting a measured, forward-looking policy framework that recognizes the dynamic nature of the telecom ecosystem and the importance of continued investment, job creation and innovation in the vibrant communications sector. We appreciate Chairman Genachowski’s leadership, commitment and support for continued growth and opportunity for consumers, technology innovators and workers, and investors in the communications sector and throughout the U.S. economy.”

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Mobile Future is a broad-based coalition of businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals interested in, and dedicated to, advocating for an environment in which innovations in wireless technology and services are enabled and encouraged. Its mission is to educate the public and key decision makers on innovations in the wireless industry that have transformed the way Americans work and play, and to advocate continued investment in wireless technologies.