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Mobile Future Statement on FCC’s Consumer Billing NRPM

Today, the FCC issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking seeking comment on rules requiring mobile carriers to provide usage alerts and related information.

The following statement should be attributed to Jonathan Spalter, chairman of the Mobile Future Coalition:

“Consumers are clearly driving today’s wireless market and we support efforts by the industry, public interest groups and commercial services to provide consumers with meaningful and diverse information about all of the options available to them. We strongly urge the FCC to move forward cautiously with this proceeding and to avoid homogenizing the consumer experience by imposing one size fits all mandates that would limit the rapid evolution in customer care we see in today’s highly competitive wireless marketplace.”

Jonathan Spalter, chairman of Mobile Future (, has been founding CEO of leading technology, media, and research companies, including Public Insight, Snocap, and Atmedica Worldwide. He served in the Clinton Administration as a Director on the National Security Council.

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Mobile Future is a broad-based coalition of businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals interested in, and dedicated to, advocating for an environment in which innovations in wireless technology and services are enabled and encouraged. Its mission is to educate the public and key decision makers on innovations in the wireless industry that have transformed the way Americans work and play, and to advocate continued investment in wireless technologies.