Mobile Future

Mobile Future Statement on FCC’s Open Internet Public Notice

Today, the Federal Communications Commission issued a Public Notice seeking further comment on two issues raised in its Open Internet proceeding.

The following statement should be attributed to Jonathan Spalter, chairman of the Mobile Future Coalition:

“We commend the FCC’s issuance of a public notice seeking input regarding how open Internet rules should apply to “specialized” services and mobile broadband. As the analysis continues, Mobile Future urges the Commission to keep in mind the outcomes of the current light touch regulatory approach: unprecedented growth, adoption, competition, investment and innovation in mobile broadband. We look forward to participating in this process and working with the FCC.”

Jonathan Spalter, chairman of Mobile Future (, has been founding CEO of leading technology, media, and research companies, including Public Insight, Snocap, and Atmedica Worldwide. He served in the Clinton Administration as a Director on the National Security Council.

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