Mobile Future

Mobile Future Statement on NTIA Report on Underutilized Government Spectrum

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Making progress on a 2010 Executive Order, Unleashing the Wireless Broadband Revolution, NTIA today released a report outlining a transition plan to reallocate underutilized government spectrum for commercial mobile broadband use.

The following statement should be attributed to Jonathan Spalter, chairman of Mobile Future:

With more wireless connections than people in our country and North American wireless networks running at 80% of capacity, it is imperative more mobile spectrum be brought online quickly so American consumers retain the level of wireless connectivity they expect and demand. Freeing up underutilized government spectrum will help mitigate the spectrum crunch that could soon stall the vibrant wireless ecosystem fueling our 21st century economy.

NTIA’s new report is a good step in this urgent effort to serve the growing mobile needs of American consumers, and to avoid the looming spectrum crisis. We commend NTIA for its efforts and look forward to working with the Administration in the months ahead to repurpose government spectrum to the best and highest use for American consumers and the economy as swiftly as possible. To maintain the nation’s global leadership in mobile innovation and opportunity, there is no time to waste.


Jonathan Spalter, chairman of Mobile Future (, served as chief information officer at the United States Information Agency during the Clinton administration.