Mobile Future

Mobile Future Statement on NTIA Reports on Federal Spectrum Plans

Today, NTIA issued two reports identifying federal spectrum in both the near future and long-term that could be used to meet President Obama’s 10-year goal of making available 500 MHz of new spectrum for wireless broadband.

The following statement should be attributed to Jonathan Spalter, chairman of Mobile Future:

“We applaud President Obama’s leadership in creating an unprecedented Administration-wide focus on sustainable spectrum policy. Mobile technology holds tremendous potential to connect consumers, create new jobs and stimulate our economy. Gary Locke, Larry Strickling and the team at NTIA should be commended for assessing some initial “fast track” federal spectrum that can be used to help keep pace with consumer demands. While these recommendations are an important first step, much more work will need to be done to meet the looming spectrum crunch. The innovation, investment and competition that define the vibrant and ever-expanding wireless sector are absolutely dependent on access to significantly more spectrum. We urge the Administration, Congress, NTIA and the FCC to move forward efficiently and responsibly to free up additional spectrum that will meet the exponentially growing demands of wireless consumers and pave the way for further economic development and job.”