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New Infographic: Mobile Health – Just What the Doctor Ordered

Data Illustrates Power of Wireless Medical Innovation 

WASHINGTON – Today, Mobile Future and association member Infield Health released a new infographic – “Mobile Health –  Just What the Doctor Ordered”– graphically assessing how mobile tools are transforming healthcare as more Americans adopt mobile devices and harness the power of wireless connectivity.

To illuminate the breathtaking growth and innovative uses of mobile digital health technology, the infographic points to a number of key data points:

  • 247 million Americans have downloaded a health app
  • 95 million Americans are using mobile phones as health tools
  • Mobile health is a $1.3 billion industry and by 2018 is expected to reach $20 billion
  • 42% of U.S. hospitals are using digital health technology to treat patients
  • Remote patient monitoring using mobile will save the U.S. $36 billion in health care costs by 2018
  • Wireless pill bottles helped increase medication compliance to over 95%
  • 77% of U.S. seniors own a cell phone as smartphone ownership among U.S. seniors has increased 55% in the past year

“Consumer demand for wireless digital health tools is dramatically improving medical outcomes and reducing health costs,” explained Mobile Future member Infield Health CEO Doug Naegele.

The infographic shows that when mobile health solutions send text reminders to patients, medication adherence increases by 10%. Text reminders also more than double the quit rate for smokers and save $812 per diabetes patient.

“Mobile health technology is helping to improve health outcomes for millions of Americans but we are still very early in the digital health revolution,” Mobile Future Chair Jonathan Spalter said. “With increasing smartphone adoption, faster wireless networks and new technologies just around the corner, the opportunities are endless and the mobile future is bright.”

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