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New Report Examines Next Wave of Internet Connected Devices

Calls for five core policies to enable robust connected device innovation

(WASHINGTON, DC) — Today, Mobile Future released a new report, “The Internet’s Third Act: The Connected Device Decade,” examining how the next wave of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and other connected devices will further accelerate mobile opportunity and exacerbate the looming spectrum crunch. The report authored by Jim Kohlenberger, former White House policy advisor and Mobile Future advisory board member, points to a nation on the verge of a wireless-driven technological revolution fueled by a vast sea of breakthrough connected devices offering astonishing new digital opportunities. Kohlenberger looks at the promising and extensive opportunities in the digital device decade ahead, the technologies that are driving it, and the pragmatic policy choices for enabling a brighter future beginning with making more spectrum available.

“Pragmatic policy choices, massive investments in R&D, and an army of innovators have spurred new technologies and services that will help make key sectors in our economy smarter and unlock unprecedented new benefits for consumers,” Kohlenberger explains. “This transformation will connect an amazing array of things to the Internet and wireless technologies will play a significant role in making this possible. This isn’t just about connecting devices to the Internet; it’s about connecting people to untold new opportunities.”

The report details the many new connected device opportunities and outlines several policy prescriptions that will help successfully define and deliver a bright mobile future. The policies include making more spectrum available for mobile; increasing investments in targeted research to stoke innovation; advancing enlightened Internet policy; enabling capital formation and investment; protecting privacy and security; and ensuring the next generation of scientists, engineers and developers are being trained. In addition to these core policy steps for enabling robust connected device innovation, the paper identifies additional key targeted steps policymakers should take to harness this connected device revolution for achieving broader national goals including embracing smarter ways to grow our economy, protect our environment, improve public safety, and raise our standards of living.

“M2M technologies hold the promise of transforming how our economy and communities will connect and interact,” said Mobile Future Chair Jonathan Spalter. “But policymakers must act now to make more spectrum available to ensure that Americans fully benefit from tomorrow’s tremendous mobile possibilities. This includes moving forward with spectrum auctions to meet growing consumer demand, freeing-up more government spectrum for the use of American consumers, and enacting wireless policies that will encourage private sector investment in next generation networks.”

To read the report, click here.

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