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New Report Finds U.S. Consumers Driving Adoption of Newest Wireless Handsets



June 23, 2011


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New Report Finds U.S. Consumers Driving Adoption of Newest Wireless Handsets

 Advanced Devices Lead to Increased Usage and Innovation

 (WASHINGTON, DC) — Today, Mobile Future and Roger Entner of Recon Analytics, released a new report, International Comparisons: The Handset Replacement Cycle, which finds that American wireless consumers are a key driver of mobile handset innovation by consistently replacing their devices more frequently and quickly than their international counterparts.  The study compares handset replacement cycles in fourteen countries including Brazil, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, India, Israel, Japan, Korea, Mexico, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States.

“American consumers are replacing their mobile handsets with more advanced devices at a much faster pace than their counterparts around the world,” Entner explained. “The facts indicate that it’s the American wireless subscribers leading the mobile revolution and driving more wireless innovation by using more powerful devices.”

Today, American wireless consumers have access to more than 630 devices supplied by at least 32 different manufacturers. The vast selection of advanced wireless devices gives Americans access to almost one million apps from 26 different app stores. According to the study data, Americans replaced their mobile device after one year and nine months in 2010, upgrading far faster than consumers in any other country.  The report explores why Americans replace their wireless handsets as quickly as they do and finds that the degree of device subsidization has the most direct impact on the speed at which consumers decide to purchase an upgraded device. Handset subsidization was found to be far more important to driving rapid replacement cycles than many other factors such as income levels.

“The rapid deployment of advanced handheld mobile devices to hit the marketplace in the U.S. has led to invaluable benefits for our nation’s economy and wireless users,” said Mobile Future Chair Jonathan Spalter. “The data clearly shows U.S. consumers are leading the global wireless revolution with more advanced mobile devices than their international counterparts.”

The study is the first in a series of key global comparisons in the mobile sector Mobile Future and Recon Analytics will be conducting in the coming months.

Mobile Future & Roger Entner will host a webinar on the report on Thursday, June 23, 2011 at 2:00 EST.

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