Mobile Future

New Report Outlines How Network Management Tools Maximize Opportunities for Wireless Innovation


October 13, 2010

 (Washington, DC) — Mobile Future today released a new paper by network engineer Peter Rysavy of Rysavy Research, “Innovation Enabled by Mobile Wireless Network Management,” asserting wireless innovation can only accelerate, or even continue, if operators are able to manage their networks in ways that allow the ever-expanding range of applications to work reliably on capacity-constrained wireless networks.

The report was sponsored by Mobile Future, a non-profit, non-partisan coalition of businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals interested in wireless innovation. It was filed with the Federal Communications Commission as comments in WC Docket 07-52, and its September 1, 2010 Further Inquiry into “Preserving the Open Internet and Broadband Industry Practices.”

“Today’s mobile wireless networks are unleashing a massive wave of innovation that spans multiple industries including telecommunications, computing hardware, computer software, and data networking,” said author Peter Rysavy. “The benefits of network management, along with continued device and network evolution, will propel the mobile-broadband industry along the innovation trajectory it is already on and will deliver even more positive effects on the entire economy, creating jobs and helping the United States maintain its global leadership position in mobile broadband.”

The paper details how evolving technologies and Quality of Service controls help maximize limited bandwidth to enable new innovations for spectrum-based mobile services. The author points specifically to several applications where QoS control can offer significant benefits including: public safety, health care, smart grids, education, child safety, home security, video and many others.

With increasing consumer reliance on mobile services, network management helps to ensure that wireless networks perform reliably under increasing traffic burdens. These tools can help protect the networks against malicious applications as well as limit congestion effects.

“Network management is critical to providing the best and most innovative wireless services possible to the largest number of consumers,” said Mobile Future Chair Jonathan Spalter. “Regulators, legislators, and policymakers should weigh carefully the perspectives of experienced wireless network engineers on this important technical point.”


Click here to read Mobile Future’s filing.