Mobile Future

STATEMENT: Consumers and Innovators Need a Real Legislative Solution to Enshrine Open Internet

WASHINGTON, DC – In response to the letter sent by the Internet Association to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Minority Leader Charles Schumer arguing in favor of a bill that would reverse the repeal of the FCC’s net neutrality rules, the following statement should be attributed to Robert M. McDowell, Chief Public Policy Advisor of Mobile Future: 

“In their letter to Congress, the Internet Association joined the growing chorus for a permanent federal legislative solution to enshrine the open Internet that Americans enjoy today. Mobile Future agrees that Congress should end this political ping pong match and enact a framework that protects consumers and innovators across their entire Internet experience. In doing so, we must recognize the incredible array of choices available in the broadband ecosystem. Nowhere is this more evident that in the hyper competitive market for mobile broadband, where roughly 90% of Americans can choose between four different providers offering 4G service. With even higher speed and greater capacity 5G technology just around the corner, consumers will soon benefit from another robust choice for their broadband experience. Mobile Future looks forward to working with Congress and all stakeholders to continue the Internet’s great American success story.”