Mobile Future

Statement: FCC Plans for Broadband Privacy Proceeding

Washington, D.C. –  In response to Chairman Wheeler’s plans to move forward with a proceeding on broadband privacy, the following statement should be attributed to Allison Remsen, Executive Director for Mobile Future. 

“While protecting privacy is a priority for the industry, the key question is how best to ensure simplicity, transparency and consistency for consumers.  The goal here should be to ensure consumers get the protection they deserve and expect whether they are interacting with a service regulated by the FTC or the FCC. Imposing conflicting or overly prescriptive FCC rules that stray from the FTC’s proven approach will not keep pace with innovation and will only serve to give consumers a false sense of security and fewer competitive service offerings. With the FCC’s role to regulate in this area far from certain, this proceeding adds another layer of uncertainty to America’s mobile sector.”