Going Green with Wireless

STATEMENT: FCC Spectrum Actions Are Fueling America’s 5G Leadership, Mobile Future Urges FCC to Keep Foot on the Gas

August 2, 2018

WASHINGTON, DC In response to the FCC’s approval of rules for upcoming auctions of high frequency spectrum critical for 5G, the following statement should be attributed to Margaret McCarthy, Executive Director of Mobile Future:

“For America to win the global race to 5G, we must continue to expand the availability of our airwaves for next-generation connectivity. Today, the Federal Communications Commission continued progress on its 5G spectrum agenda, by approving rules for the 28 GHz and 24 GHz auctions and adopting proposed rules to facilitate an auction of the 37, 39, and 47 GHz bands. Thanks to the FCC’s actions, the United States is currently leading the world in high band frequencies being readied for 5G use. And the Commission has open proceedings, including 3.5 GHz and 3.7-4.2 GHz, that will give us an opportunity to match our global competitors in mid-band spectrum availability. Mobile Future urges the Commission to keep its foot on the gas in order to free up more of the spectrum that will further fuel America’s 5G leadership.”