STATEMENT: Restoring Internet Freedom Order to Bring Increased Investment and Innovation to American Mobile Networks

December 14, 2017

WASHINGTON, DC – In response to the today’s FCC vote to pass the Restoring Internet Freedom Order, removing Title II regulations, the following statement should be attributed to Robert M. McDowell, Chief Public Policy Advisor for Mobile Future: 

“Today’s vote is a victory for Internet freedom, for broadband investment, and ultimately for the consumers and innovators who rely on an open Internet delivered over next-generation networks. Mobile Future’s members unequivocally support an open Internet and believe that the Restoring Internet Freedom Order adopted today strikes the right balance between fostering that open platform and the investment and innovation needed to sustain it. The FCC’s action restores the long-standing bipartisan consensus that light touch regulation is best to allow the Internet to grow and thrive. Nowhere is this more evident than in the hyper-competitive wireless ecosphere.

Mobile consumers have benefitted from incredible technological advancement and falling prices over the last decade thanks to regulatory humility that put competition, not “Mother-may-I” bureaucracy, in the driver’s seat. A wireless Golden Age still lies ahead.  The advent of 5G and the explosion of Internet of Things applications and devices will connect communities and businesses in more ways than ever before.  Mobile Future looks forward to continuing to work with the FCC, and all stakeholders, to ensure that the Internet and American mobile economy remain the envy of the world.”