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Next Up In The World of IoT: Smart Trashcans

Did you know? Americans make more than 200 million tons of garbage each year. Cities across the world need better options for addressing our global waste problem and the Internet of Things may be the answer.

Ecube is a startup that creates solar-powered connected waste bins that allow cities to monitor the amount of garbage in each can. Ecube joins US-based smart waste systems Bigbelly and Finnish-based Enevo in combatting problems surrounding waste. Not only does Ecube’s system help gauge areas of higher levels of waste, the technology also composts the waste right in the garbage can.

According to the Guardian, smart cities initiatives tend to focus more on reducing energy costs and or finding better means of transportation. However, smart urban waste solutions are estimated to help process more than 40% of urban waste worldwide! Smart waste management systems also reduce management operational costs by an estimated 80 percent. That’s impressive!

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