Mobile Future

No Fear When Smartphones are Near

Fact: We rarely enjoy being separated from our smartphones.  Now, a new study shows that having our smartphones by our side might mean more than previously thought.  An article by the Wall Street Journal shares study results that found iPhone users perform better on cognitive tests when their iPhones are near them in a pocket or a purse, as opposed to not in the room or out of arm’s reach.  Interesting, right?

The study required participants ages 18-24 to complete two word-search puzzles.  On average, the amount of words found by the participants decreased when they were separated from their mobile devices.  In addition, participants’ heart rate and blood pressure increased when they were working on the puzzles if their smartphones were ringing and were unable to answer.

Millennials make up the largest segment of the smartphone market and 85% of millennials aged 18-24 own smartphones.  As mobile continues to connect us to each other and to the Internet of Things, our devices may become even more essential in our daily lives.

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