Mobile Future

No More Piggybanks and Checkbooks

Ever feel like your financial records are disorganized? Don’t stress. There are a wide variety of mobile apps that are available and designed to help maintain your budget and monitor your expenses. Here are our top five budgeting apps for 2016 that are available on Android and iOS:

Home Budget with Sync: Make it a family affair with this app. With a click of a button, you can share your financial data with family members to easily manage bills and purchases together. 

Spendee:This app provides infographics on what users are spending money on over a period of time. No more guessing! This is a great app to track your spending in the long run making budgeting with future paychecks a breeze.

Expensify:This app imports information from past purchases and receipts made with your credit card with its “Smart Scan” feature.

Wallet: This app allows users to make a budget, set monthly income, execute payments, and monitor expenses. Thanks to this app, expenses such as rent, insurance, and gas are managed all in one place.

Mint:Mint is a millennial’s ideal budgeting app and for good reason. It allows users to check out their credit score, monitor their budget, and pay bills through a single app. By providing a weekly summary of spending and saving, it also conveniently notifies you when you are going over your budget.

It is clear that the old ways of organizing finances are being replaced with great apps on your smartphone. These personal finance apps are here to stay!