Mobile Future

No need to clip - mobile coupons

Ok.  I’ll admit it.  I find cutting out coupons cathartic. It’s part of my
Sunday ritual. Weird? Probably.  But I will also admit, many– I would go so far
as to say a statistically significant amount– go unused.  Either I don’t get to
the store in time to redeem or the coupon isn’t for something I really need. 
But now I have a new weapon in my savings arsenal.  My cellphone.

In a
recent New York Times article, reporter Jenna Wortham outlines
developments in new digital coupons.  Mobile coupons– usually appearing as text
messages– are sent directly to your phone, personalized to you and your
shopping needs. So instead of sifting through irrelevant "coups," you set the
parameters making each one worth checking out.  Want your coupon experience even
easier?  Some coupon aggregators offer location-based  suggestions.   If you are
in the vicinity of a bargain, you’re going to know about it. Looks like I’ll
need to find another Sunday morning activity!