Mobile Future

Notice a pattern?

Time is out with its list of the 2008 Gadgets of the Year  and – no surprise – wireless products are dominant.  Of Time’s top five gadgets, every one has a wireless capability.  That includes the Peek for inexpensive wireless email, the MacBook and iTouch from Apple (natch!), the G1 phone and a new SD memory card.

That last one is particularly useful for those who use their mobile device as a camera.  The card, by Eye-Fi, uploads photos automatically from your camera to your online photo service. It also beams pictures to your hard drive, which means no more searching for that lost USB cable. It also can geo-tag them so six months from now you’ll know where that picture you took on vacation was taken.

Also in the top 10 is a mobile GPS system by Dash that uses wireless data compiled from a network of drivers in your area to offer real-time information on traffic congestion.  Definitely a help when it’s raining and you’re wondering whether to take the Bay Bridge or the 101 out of San Fran.