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Now Boarding: How Mobile Tech Is Helping Us “Fly” Through the Airport

There is waiting. And then there is waiting at the airport. Despite what method you use to ensure that you don’t miss your flight, one thing is for sure—no one likes long wait times at the airport!

A company featured in a TechCrunch article this week, BLIP systems has created an interesting way to calculate wait times at airports—with the help of our mobile phones. The sensors monitor our connected devices as we navigate through the airport, whether in the security line or at the taxi queue. When your smartphone passes the sensor, it is recorded and time-stamped anonymously.

With an estimated 19.5 million passengers in a given year, JFK in New York City is one of the busiest airports in the world – and it is using this technology to provide airport goers with real-time queue estimates.  In the past, airports used cameras and stopwatches to track this information, often resulting in imprecise results. More accurate times are a win-win for both airport staff and airline customers.

Learn more about the platform and the way it works, here.