Mobile Future

Oh Atlanta! Got to get back to you.

During today’s tough times, it’s especially good news to see firms prosper.  Case in point, two Atlanta companies at the forefront of the push to make mobile banking easier.

As The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports this week, Firethorn and Fiserv create the software applications that marry large banks such as SunTrust with wireless carriers.  These two companies, both with large presences in Atlanta, are at the vanguard of a movement toward mobile banking that began a decade ago.  A combination of consumer hesitation and network issues slowed this app’s growth during the first years.  However, as consumer perception of the mobile phone has evolved to become a gateway to the Internet, mobile banking is taking off.

As far as we’re concerned, anything that helps reduce those annoying deposit slips and helps reconcile account statements each month is worth its weight in gold.