Mobile Future

Old Dogs Do Learn New Tricks

Now in its 108th year as a retailer, JC Penney is looking to freshen up its look. And how can you reach out to both new and existing customers quickly? Why, by using something we all have- mobile devices.

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, reporter Rachel Dodes outlines how the American staple is evolving to capitalize on emerging technologies: “Within the next 18 months, Penney shoppers will be able to receive location-specific promotions on their mobile devices when they walk into a store. They’ll also be able to get deals and see product reviews in stores by taking pictures of bar codes with their phones.” But it’s also what’s happening behind the scenes that will make a huge difference for customers.

JC Penney is looking to increase inventory efficiency with wireless product trackers and 24 hr shipping updates so managers know exactly where and when products will be arriving to their stores. Saving time and money with a precise supply chain ultimately is a savings for the customer.