Mobile Future

On Valentine’s Day, standard text messaging rates apply

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, men everywhere struggle to appease their counterparts with gifts and gestures of love and appreciation. However, in this new age of communication, studies show that technology is becoming an increasingly large, integral component of the Hallmark holiday. With wireless as the new preferred medium for both men and women to exchange their feelings and emotions, trends are showing the broadband emotional traffic is denser in one direction. 

And surprise! Survey results from Indiana University researchers show that women are more likely to send longer and more emotional, heartfelt messages via telecommunications than men. A new wave of interaction television (iTV), allows you to text in messages to be displayed publically on the tube.  "When the exchanges occur via text messaging in a public venue, it is the women who push their messages closest to the character-count limit, who use more abbreviations and insertions, and who implement more emoticons (like smiling and frowning faces)". However, with more reliance on digital modes of communication, emotional subtleties may get lost in translation as we begin to use our PDA’s (Personal Digital Assistants) to express our PDA (Public Displays of Affection).