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Optimizing Your Pre-Feast Workout

The best way to enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving fest is working  up a mighty appetite! So whether you’re going for an early-morning Turkey Trot, or pulling together your friends for a game of flag football, new connected fitness tech is here to make your pre-feast workout as efficient as possible.

Oakley recently released a pair of connected sunglasses called Radar Pace. In addition to keeping cold winds and sun glares out of your eyes, the sunglasses offer real-time fitness guidance. Embedded speakers glasses allow you to both ask questions and hear the virtual coach give you feedback, all while data is being sent to your mobile device.

Bose also recently released an updated workout device, combining fitness tracking and audio with its SoundSport Pulse headphone. While you enjoy holiday tunes, these headphones track your heart rate.

There’s also new startups like ShotTracker and Zepp Play Soccer. An arm sleeve and shin guard respectively, these sensored clothing items track your movements and speeds so you can make sure  you’re  on your A-game.

Pre- or post-feast,  these new connected tech devices are excellent tools to help  help monitor your fitness .

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