Mobile Future

Passwords: Soon To Be A Thing of The Past

You ARE your smartphone, according to a recent article by Computer World, at least as far as passwords go.  In other words, our personal identities are merging with our smartphones. Gone are the days that you have to reenter your password over and over again, just to gain access to multiple accounts on your mobile device.

81% of smartphone owners report that they keep their smartphone near them almost all the time during waking hours – and most report checking it a few times every hour.  With countless passwords for various accounts on our mobile devices, why not make the process easier?  New apps and services are making our lives a little easier with the tap of a smartphone:

Account Key allows for you to enable your email account so that your password authentication is essentially the authentication of your phone device. All you need to do is tap a mobile push notification to confirm that it’s you.

Shyp revolutionizes the way that we send mail. Instead of shipping to a place, the package will go to wherever you are. Download the app, track the package, and if you decide that you need to change the address on the package—you can change the destination with a few clicks.

Boomerang, created by the same folks who created Instagram, allows you to take short videos and post them on to all of your social media networks– no log-in process required since it assumes you’re already logged your social networks given that it is YOUR smartphone that you are using to post.

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