Mobile Future

Police ask teens to join crime fight

Pew released a new study looking at how teens use cell phones. While much of the findings are somewhat obvious, what is interesting is how different groups and constituencies can apply the technology to communicate and connect with teens about various issues, including public safety and crime prevention.

“Fully 72% of all teens — or 88% of teen cell phone users — send text messages, up from 51% in 2006. Among all teens, text messaging has now overtaken every other common form of interaction with their friends.”

The recent Pew study clearly shows why law enforcement should pursue a strategy that encourages teens to use their cell phones to report crime. Since their social activities move them into various venues, more often than not, these young adults are very aware of crime incidents. The fact that teens are comfortable in using their cell phones and  there is an assurance that their identity will be kept confidential can help law enforcement and the general public realize a great benefit. After all, it is only through an involved citizenry that government can assure a safe environment for its citizens.

You can read more of the report’s findings here.