Mobile Future

Potted Plant = Your New Mobile Charger

According to the Tech Times, Android owners check their smartphones at least 110 times a day. But with constant mobile use comes the constant battle against battery drain. What’s worse than leaving home and realizing you forgot your charger?

Thanks to Bioo Lite, smartphone users no longer need an outlet to charge mobile devices. Instead, you can just use a nearby house or office plant.

What is behind this awesome new method of charging our smartphones? It’s the science of photosynthesis! When users plug a USB cord into the plant, it creates waves of electricity using water and soil in the plant’s root. This energy can deliver up to three charges per day! That’s the same amount of power output you would get from a USB charge from a laptop or desktop computer.  How cool is that?

To learn more about turning your houseplants into a Bioo Lite system, click here.