Mobile Future

Presidential Memorandum Calling for Action on Government Spectrum

Today, President Obama issued a Presidential Memorandum calling for further action to free up additional government spectrum for commercial mobile use. Mobile Future Chair Jonathan Spalter responded, stating:

“This Presidential Memorandum is a testament to the important role mobile innovation plays in driving the nation’s economy, creating jobs, and keeping our nation globally competitive. Recognizing the tremendous growth in consumer wireless demand, the President has set out important procedures for government to make available additional government spectrum for commercial mobile use without delay to connect our families, schools, hospitals and businesses. With the White House firmly behind efforts to open up new spectrum for commercial use, the memorandum offers clear, decisive direction — moving quickly to expand research and development in this new frontier, to enhance transparency to foster efficiency and innovation, and to facilitate re-allocation of spectrum that Americans increasingly need.  We look forward to continuing our work with the Administration and federal agencies in achieving this critical national priority.”

To read Mobile Future Chair Jonathan Spalter’s full statement, click here.