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Professional Sports: Champions of Smart Tech

Smart technology is changing the game for professional sports organizations like the NFL.  Investment and interest in sports data analysis is growing as professional teams see successful results. Hudl, an app that analyzes game footage, is already used by over 100,000 sports teams.  Now, Silicon Valley tech company Zebra Technologies has introduced a new wearable to help teams get those crucial game-changing details.

Using radio frequency identification, small chips the size of buttons are worn is shoulder pads that send data as it is collected. The chips track a player’s running distance, speed, and position on the field. This data allows team managers and trainers to understand where exactly players and the team can improve.  Even fans are able to enjoy the data, as Zebra’s stats are part of the NFL’s apps and video games. To see a list of our favorite apps to track your favorite teams, click here .

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