Mobile Future

Pushing toward our Mobile Future

From economic
growth and education to public safety and healthcare, wireless is poised
improve our
lives dramatically.  That’s the overriding theme of Mobile Future’s new FCC filing, which
describes the vibrant future in store for wireless users as mobile services
continue to evolve.

More than 85
percent of Americans have mobile phones and wireless broadband is the fastest
growing Internet service in the country.  As more
embrace wireless, they increasingly have the opportunity to use this technology
to improve their lives.  That means better, more efficient healthcare monitoring
and new opportunities for education.  It also means faster response times for
police and rescuers, especially during natural

Perhaps most
importantly, it means the prospect of giving all residents the economic and
social opportunities that come with affordable Internet

The Mobile
Future filing goes into great detail in these and several other areas where
mobile applications are already benefiting our society.  It also
encourages the
FCC to include wireless as
a key element in
any plan to achieve the nation’s broadband

Please take a
look.  We hope you’ll consider the remarkable progress taking place right now
and the promise this holds for Americans’ "Mobile