Mobile Future

Bytes: Reading is Always More Fun With Mobile

Personalizing your reading list has never been easier thanks to mobile. Check out these apps to see which mobile librarian can help you navigate the stacks.

OverDrive App: You can borrow books and audiobooks just like a library with OverDrive! As a matter of fact, 30,000 libraries worldwide offer titles for OverDrive, so there are plenty of snowy day reading options. .

Bluefire Reader: You want simplicity in your e-reader? If so, Bluefire is for you. Easily highlight, bookmark, annotate, and define with a tap, it’s as easy as that!

Moon+ Reader: Ditch the simplicity with Moon+ Reader. Customize the interface in terms of font styles, backgrounds, spacing, paging modes, auto scrolls, multiple view modes, and much more!

FBReader: Completely customize your reading experience with the FBReader app! Supporting EPUB, RTF, DOC, HTML, and MOBI, FBReader allows users to tweak fonts, sizes, hyphenation, text colors, backgrounds, margins, and page animations.

Make your reading experience perfect for you this winter season with mobile. There is nothing better than curling up on a snowy day with a good read and some hot cocoa.