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Recycling for Charities

In the spirit of going green, especially with regard to all things electronic, I would like to highlight Recycling for Charities. Recycling for Charities is a non-profit organization (501(c)3, which takes the spirit of recycling to the next level by donating a portion of the proceeds from recycled cell phones and other electronics to the recycler’s charity of choice.

How it works: first, you gather all the old cell phones, pda’s, iPods and digital cameras that you no longer use or need. On the web site for Recycling for Charities, you select the charity or charities that you would like to benefit from your recycling donation. The website lists nearly 200 charities, but if you want to donate to one not listed have your charity sign up online so they can be placed in the system.

Finally, you print out the shipping label and tax donation form from the Recycling for Charities Web site (i.e. a receipt that acknowledges your donation) and ship the electronics to Recycling for Charities. Recycling for Charities makes a donation based on the amount of your recycled items.

Remember the more items you collect, the greater the donation to your charity of choice, so consider a fundraiser where you can collect many old or no longer used cellphones and other electronics. Because Recycling for Charities is a non-profit and the proceeds go to charities and recycling efforts, the donations are tax deductible. Additionally, Recycling for Charities is committed to ensuring that no items donated to the organization ever end up in a landfill, either in the U.S. or abroad.

Due to the market fluctuations, the amount of the donations varies, but the organization donates a percentage of the market value of each item that can be refurbished, as well as a flat amount for each recycled item.

While there are a number of companies out there getting into the electronics recycling space, Recycling for Charities is currently the only non-profit recycling program for other non-profits. When considering your electronics recycling options, keep in mind the one that benefits the environment and the charity of your choice.