Mobile Future

From Inside the Crystal Ball – Practical Predictions for Growing your Business

Watch The Archived Webinar Here

This Mobile Future webinar provides wireless technology and mobile entrepreneurs valuable insight into tech trends and practical advice on how they can advance (or inhibit) your business.

During this free webinar, Diane Smith, entrepreneur, investor, attorney, and author, and Jim Kohlenberger, former White House technology advisor and President of JK Strategies, will put the spotlight on trends for the future, including:

  • What are the new technologies and devices on the horizon that will power the next wave of startups, industries and opportunities?
  • How will these mobile technologies change our personal and work lives?
  • Which sectors of the economy will benefit most?
  • How is mobile technology lowering barriers to entry and expanding opportunities?
  • What will the Internet of Things look like in the everyday world?
  • What technologies should entrepreneurs pay most attention to?
  • What do they mean for globalization?

Watch The Archived Webinar Here