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Mobilizing America: 5G and the Mobile Future

Mobilizing America: 5G and the Mobile Future
Presented live on Wednesday, May 18, 2016

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Join Mobile Future and TIA for this free webinar discussing the power and promise of 5G.  The next generation of mobile technology, 5G’s increased bandwidth will spur innovation and help reimagine long-established industries.

With 5G wireless networks on the horizon, the global race to lead the world in this next wireless frontier is underway.  The next wireless revolution will deliver blazing fast speeds over network technology that can support billions of simultaneously connected devices, as well as provide quicker reaction times, exceptional network reliability, and the ability to switch between spectrum bands and networks without delay. Realizing 5G’s full potential will require network operators, technology suppliers and policy makers to work together to ensure that the U.S. continues its global leadership in wireless.

Jim Kohlenberger, President of JK Strategies, Former White House Technology Advisor, and member of the Mobile Future Board of Advisors
Jonathan Spalter, Chair, Mobile Future