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Mobilizing America: Accelerating Next Generation Wireless Opportunities Everywhere

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A new report, “Mobilizing America:  Accelerating Next Generation Wireless Opportunities Everywhere,” authored by Mobile Future advisor Jim Kohlenberger, President of JK Strategies and former Chief of Staff in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, examines the power and promise of 5G technology.

The paper details a comprehensive strategy to ensure continued U.S. global leadership in the wireless revolution, including reducing barriers to wireless-led innovation, accelerating access to vital spectrum, and working to fill the talent pipeline.

As mobile broadband becomes the predominant communications platform of our time, the next wireless revolution will need to be about more than blazing fast speeds. There is an urgent need for network technology that can support billions of simultaneously connected devices, as well as provide quicker reaction times, exceptional network reliability, and the ability to switch between spectrum bands and networks without delay.  While 5G networks are unlikely to be deployed until the end of the decade at the earliest, the global race to lead the world in this next wireless frontier is already well underway. The paper concludes that smarter wireless policy is more vital than ever.