Mobile Future

Money, Brains and Broadband: Tools to Thrive in a 21st Century Economy

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Across America, entrepreneurs are blooming like spring flowers. They are cropping up everywhere. From the Silicon Prairie to the Southern Gulf to northwest Montana, we are seeing start-ups grow successfully in unlikely places – creating jobs, innovating and attracting investment. And wireless technology plays a major role in making it all possible.

This webinar puts the spotlight on:

  • The increasingly important role of wireless and mobile tech in launching successful businesses.
  • Wireless tech’s role in economic development.
  • Why there’s never been a better time to live and work in rural America.

Diane Smith, Rural Entrepreneur, Investor, Attorney, Author, Wife and Mom, Advocate.

Diane Smith is a business and social entrepreneur, corporate executive and attorney with an extensive background in start-up companies and new industries.  Diane was the co-founder and CEO of a ground-breaking IPTV company in Northwest Montana that successfully raised millions in start-up capital and continues to grow as the nation’s largest global provider of digital video services.  Prior to that, Diane was a senior executive with Sprint and Alltel during their most tumultuous and high-growth years.   There she developed significant expertise in telecom and tech policies at the local, state and federal levels.  Diane is also an angel investor and original member of the Frontier Fund, Montana’s first angel investment fund.  Diane’s background in government policy, entrepreneurship and investing give her a unique perspective on policy-sensitive industries and she is a frequent advisor on matters relating to technology, entrepreneurship and economic growth.   Diane also counsels start-ups on their strategies for early stage sustainability and profitability.  She has written a book, TheNewRural.Com, about the role of technology in rural economic development.  Her most recent venture is as a co-founder of American Rural, a 501-c-6 dedicated to ensuring robust “Money, Brains and Broadband” opportunities for rural and small town Americans.  She is proud to serve on the Advisory Board of Mobile Future as well as numerous other boards.  Diane lives and works in Whitefish, MT with her husband David Pickeral and, when she’s home from Montana State University, their daughter Ally.