Mobile Future

Spectrum Challenges for Consumers, Mobile Innovation & the Economy

This webinar presented the findings from a recent report analyzing, from an engineering perspective, the consequences of failing to make new spectrum available to consumers and the market. This report, The Spectrum Imperative: Mobile Broadband Spectrum and its Impacts for U.S. Consumers and the Economy an Engineering Analysis was prepared for Mobile Future by Peter Rysavy of Rysavy Research and can be downloaded here.

Possible effects of insufficient spectrum to the market include:

  • Fewer incentives for businesses to invest in new applications, services and devices
  • Drop in customer satisfaction due to poor performance
  • Jeopardizing the 2.4 million American jobs currently supported by mobile innovation
  • Loss of U.S. leadership in the global innovation economy

Possible effects of insufficient spectrum to consumers include:

  • Unreliable service and performance
  • Potentially higher connectivity costs
  • Placing an essential service out of the reach of many minorities and low-income Americans