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The Connected Car: What’s Driving “Mobile” Innovation

Mobile Future presents:

The Connected Car: What’s Driving “Mobile” Innovation

More than ever, new wireless innovations are quickly changing the driving experience as well as adding new entertainment and connectivity options for passengers in the backseat. With built-in navigation and traffic tools, new safety features for drivers and countless apps and infotainment features for passengers, wireless is bringing a new level of connectivity to the driving experience.

This webinar explored the connected car and how new services are changing the driving experience. Topics discussed include:

  • The connected car experience – what do we need moving forward to meet growing demand and build on the consumer experience?
  • Integrating systems and content between the cloud and car.
  • Handset-linked versus embedded systems; what’s the eventual solution?
  • The greatest challenges to the connected vehicle.
  • Handling mobile applications inside the vehicle.
  • In-vehicle smartphone integration – challenges and future trends.