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The Importance of Permissionless Innovation in Unlicensed Spectrum Bands

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A new report from Mobile Future, “The Importance of Permissionless Innovation in Unlicensed Spectrum Bands,” examines the evolution of unlicensed spectrum and the various policies that helped pave the way for the success of the U.S. wireless industry. The data illustrates that the key to this success story is the FCC consistently avoiding any requirement that devices operating in unlicensed spectrum adhere to specifications developed by any particular standards setting organization, employ any particular co-existence protocol, or pass any sort of litmus test for compatibility with other unlicensed technologies.  The paper also sheds light on the remarkable technological diversity of unlicensed devices that have met unique needs throughout the digital revolution. The report affirms that a policy of permissionless innovation is working, as evidenced by the last seventy-five years of groundbreaking technological advancement.